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Feeling Alive

“Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

When I think of February I almost always think of Valentine’s Day. I think of the month of Love. When I was creating youth and teen curriculum when I served in Youth & Family many years ago, my mind went to teaching and creating lessons on Love. I wanted to encourage the concept of L

ove to be thought of outside of romantic love so I had to think “outside the box”. There are many types of love and all are important and sacred.

This year I feel called to explore a different concept for February. I heard the quote above during a talk on The Season for Nonviolence and Dr Martin Luther King Jr. This quote became an invitation as it opened a door for me to delve deeper into thinking about what makes me come alive. How many of us find ourselves going through the motion in life, just putting one foot in front of the other completing tasks and our “to do list”? I am asking you today, What makes you come alive? What brings you joy? We all make a difference. Each one of us is a Divine Expression of God in action. Do we believe it? Do we act like it? Or do we think of ourselves as small and insignificant and that what we do or what we think doesn’t matter? I believe that each of us is significant, that we are an importance part of the puzzle called life. Life happens but it doesn’t have to happen to us. It can happen for us. We must make the choice to engage in life. That means we need to have courage. We need to have the strength to go within and answer this question for us, not what we think we should or what others thing we should but what do we want? What calls to us? Answer the call from within…

“Without faith it is impossible for one to do his best or get the most out of life. This does not mean faith in the personality only, but faith in the ocean of Life Itself.” -Ernest Holmes

Ernest Holmes taught of the importance of having faith, of practicing what we believe. When coming from a place anchored and centered in faith, I believe we have the opportunity to connect and discover that which brings us joy, what “makes us come alive”. I invite you to spend some time in a manner that calls to you, to discover this Truth for yourself. You might already know and if so, I ask “What are you doing about it?” May you continue to feel the Love of the Divine as you travel this journey of life, of Love in action.

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