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The Power of Commitment

Welcome to 2020! My, how time flies! The older I get the faster time seems to fly for me. This month I turn 50 and I am beyond excited about it. In reflecting on my life I realized that I found my way to my first Centers for Spiritual Living church when I was 17. After doing the math I realized I have been practicing our principles for 33 years! That is a huge commitment! While I did not “jump in” to this commitment it slowly evolved over the years until I realized how important our teachings had become to me and how I choose to love and live my life.

I decided to look up the definition of commitment on the internet. It had 2 definitions, but I chose to focus on this one: “the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity”. This spiritual journey that I am on truly has become something I have dedicated my life, my time, my loyalty, my financial support, and my love. It did not happen overnight. I tested the waters, tried a few classes, started practicing our principles in my daily life, making friends, eventually marrying someone within our faith and then experiencing that relationship dissolve – all the while continuing to practice what we teach. Ernest Holmes, our founder said that he would prefer one person to live our principles than have many memorize the teachings from our text and not live them, demonstrating them in their own lives. One of my all time favorite Holmes quotes is “Never limit your view of life by any past experience.” I encourage us to dare to dream, dare to share our dreams and goals with at least one person who we deem “safe” – someone we trust to hold our vision, dream, goal in the Highest Idea while supporting and encouraging us to co-create them into physical reality.

I am going to invite you to ask yourself this question– what are you committed to co-creating with the Divine in 2020? It can be in your spiritual life, relationship with yourself, God, or a romantic partner. An educational, professional, or spiritual practice related goal – anything goes because this is your goal…your dream…your vision! Sometimes I think the word commitment gets a bad rap – like it is a punishment, something that can or will hold us back from something else, a constricting rather than a freeing environment. I know in my past this word used to bring up an almost instant fear and a desire to go (and by this I mean run) in the opposite direction. What I know now is that there is power in commitment. When I choose to commit to me, someone else, or something else, I am choosing to grow and evolve, expand, I am claiming what I want to experience. I am choosing to re-define the word commitment and apply it in my life journey. We teach that our words and prayers have power. They do! They engage the Universe, when our words and actions are in alignment- life shifts. May 2020 be a year of shifts, demonstrations, re-defining or re-awakening to life – your life!

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