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Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

Rev Donna's intention is to co-create a ceremony that is meaningful and sacred for your special day.  Please feel free to contact her to discuss any questions you may have regarding the ceremony or to inquire about her availability


Baby Blessings & Baptisms

To honor the Divine Spirit within your beautiful little one, Rev Donna is available to perform Non-Denominational Baby Blessings and Baptisms.

Photo: 34589016 | Baby Baptism © Himerka |

House & Office

Set the intention of how you want your home and/or office to feel. A house blessing is a ritual/ceremony in which an intention is set on what qualities (i.e. love, joy, friendship, harmony, etc) in each room.  This can have a spiritual tone for it or not depending on your wishes.

orchid  Photo 18526107 © Christian Mueringer |

Memorials & Celebrations of Life

Rev Donna is dedicated to creating a service that honors your loved one.  As a minister, celebrant, and former hospice chaplain, I am available to officiate your loved one’s Memorial, Funeral, or Celebration of Life Service. 


Uncoupling Ceremonies

Endings can be difficult and hard. Sometimes relationships don’t unfold in the way we would like them to and we find that we are grieving the loss of the relationship.  When we honor the sacredness of the relationship and consciously create a ritual/ceremony around the ending we find that we feel more complete with the relationship.  When this happens, we are more anchored and ready to move forward in life, able to create the life we choose. 

Photo 86008793 © Alicia G. Monedero |

Other Rituals

Rev Donna is available to create a ceremony/ritual for almost any occasion including a special birthday, getting your driver’s license, a special occasion, graduation, promotion, or other life event.  Please contact Rev Donna for more information and to further explore your ideas

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