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Supportive Offerings

Providing Support When You Need It Most

Animal Chaplain

Support when our animal companions are ill and/or dying. I am available for support to animal companions and their human partners.  I provide a compassionate presence to listen, be present, if requested, and available when a beloved animal companion is passing, and to provide grief support before and after the experience of pet/animal companion loss.


Grief Counseling

Re-Engaging in Life

My specialty is in the grief realm focusing on creating the life that you are beginning to envision following loss of any kind in your life.  It is my intention and goal to work with those who are moving through the experience of grief and loss and are ready to take the next step in life.  I empower people who have experienced a loss to start living again.

Life Coaching

Get the Most out of Life

Coaching sessions are a gift you give yourself.  It is an opportunity to explore an area in your life where you might want to make a shift or experience a transformation. My intention is to companion with you as you discover the Truth within yourself.

End of Life Doula

Guidance & Comfort

End of life and the dying proces can be an uncertain time filled with a variety of emotions, thoughts, and questions. I am available for consultation and expoloration of those questions. I am also available to provide support to you and your family at end of life through the dying proces.

Serving In Person
& Virtually





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