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Welcome to my blog! I am looking forward to sharing thoughts, ideas, and stories in this space over time. As a writer I enjoy sharing articles on grief, transformation, spirtuality, and everyday life happenings. Warmly, Donna

Finding Identity

Following the death of a loved one we may find ourselves wondering who we are, re-discovering our identity, or searching for something and we aren’t sure what it is in this moment. How do we figure it out? Are we limiting ourself as we figure it all out? Do we feel guilty when we decide it is time to make changes and step forward in life once again? In this article we will talk about this and more. Our identity is important to us. It is how we show up in the world, to the degree that we show up, and we come from this space in our thoughts, decisions, choices, and actions. We sometimes think of our identity as our “role” in the world such as spouse, partner, son, daughter, mother, father



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