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Nature’s Call

What happens when we trust God, have faith in the Divine? We have the opportunity to experience things we may not even imagine in our wildest dreams. Fall is a time of reflection. Nature reminds us that it is important and sacred to spend time in the quiet. Trees lose their leaves, reminding us that it is ok to let go of what no longer serves us. When trees lose their leaves, they remain bare until spring when new leaves begin to blossom and sprout anew. Trees don’t wonder if their leaves will grow back. Nature knows that what is released, something new will grow in it’s place.

I invite us to enter into the world of nature. Nature=God in my mind. Nature is another word for the Divine for I believe that all is God. Therefore, the Divine expresses as nature. Regardless of appearances, all is always unfolding for our highest and best good. Just like when the leaves fall away from the tree, new leaves will sprout in the spring. In our lives we must let go of that which no longer serves us so we can be open to receive something new, something more in alignment with our Higher Truth. The Divine is always expressing through and as us. If we can open to Higher Vibration, the Higher Truth that is wanting to have It’s way through us, I believe we can experience a level of Love, of good, beyond our wildest dreams. Namaste and many blessings.


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