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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s primary focus is gratitude. While I enjoy time spent with family and friends during this time, I also enjoy having some quiet, reflection time alone.

Gratitude is something that I sometimes take for granted. I say thank you before I fully comprehend the gift that I have received or am about to receive- it could be in the form of a compliment, a tangible gift, or time spent with a loved one. One thing that I often forget to express gratitude for are lessons.

Lessons teach us about life. They may teach us what we don’t want to experience again, they may identify a thought pattern we had but didn’t realize, or it can lead us to a new way of doing things. Lessons are not “good” or “bad” – they just are- until we label them one thing or another. Lessons can also reveal the Divinity of all Life including within us.

I was talking with someone recently and the idea of our “story” and not getting into it when we are talking with others. I know I find it quite easy to fall into the negative parts of my story when talking with others or even in my thinking. I found myself asking quietly to myself: What if we found a way to focus on the good or positive parts of my story – the parts we want to continue to experience. Or, consider focusing on what we may not be experiencing but would like – increased prosperity, love, a dream fulfilled, a creative endeavor, whatever may be in your heart that you want revealed and demonstrated.

May we enjoy a blessed holiday with beloved friends and family. May we remember those who are no longer able to join us during the holidays, the Light that they are and remain for eternity. People come and go in our lives for many reasons- death, moving, friendships drift apart. What always remains is the Love that was experienced. Connection is the gift of relationships. I am so very grateful for the heart connections I have made in my life. Many blessings!


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