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Good Friday

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” -Joseph Campbell

Good Friday is a sacred day. In Christianity, this is the day Jesus was crucified on the cross. I love the metaphysical teaching of what Good Friday represents. Good Friday reminds me of what Jesus was teaching us regarding compassion, love, forgiveness, and overcoming.

I recently heard a saying “You can’t have Easter without Good Friday.” It’s true – we can’t overcome something without going through the darkness, the “muck”, the fear, the pain, and allow ourselves to be transformed. Easter is about overcoming, new life, new beginnings. To be opened for an “Easter” experience we must first be open to change, to transformation, to be “broken open”. We are broken open from inside - it may be a loss of some kind including the death of a loved one, an opportunity to experience something new, an invitation to foster a new idea…for each of us it will be different.

When we are in the midst of change, we often enter a cave of some kind. After his physical death, Jesus’s body was placed in a tomb, which can be described as a cave. We are renewed in the spirit when we allow ourselves to enter the cave. Metaphysically, this cave represents darkness, wet or dampness, the unknown. The unknown can be scary. A cave can also be seen as a holding place of birth or rebirth. A cave has been described as a womb – possibly a womb of ideas, possibilities, or opportunities that are waiting to be birthed, given life. The treasure represents the experience of transformation – spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental transformation. As a friend of mine told me recently – “It’s a brand-new world” just like from the movie Aladdin.

Good Friday reminds us of the power of compassion and forgiveness. When we can truly forgive ourselves or others, we are healed and are invited to let go of whatever it is that has been holding us back and step into a new life, a new beginning. Jesus on the cross taught us of the power of love and forgiveness. Amid darkness, fear, pain, uncertainty, Jesus taught us the power of love and forgiveness. The human gave way to the Divine. God is the only Power. We may know God by many names and it is in this knowingness that the Divine dwells within us.

Out of this darkness and pain new life emerged. This is also our experience- if we choose it. When we find ourselves in the darkness not knowing what it is next or how it is unfolding, may we go to prayer, may we practice love and compassion towards ourselves and others, may we be reminded of who we are…children of God. May we re-discover this Truth within us. And when we remember, may we make choices from this place…Blessings and namaste, Rev Donna


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