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A Resounding YES to Life

I was recently listening to a favorite song by Daniel Nahmod called Everything New. He talks about moving forward, letting go, and being ready to step into something new. I was reflecting on the song and asked myself what it means to me. What do the lyrics mean to me…how do I interpret them? I invite you to do the same. One thing that I remind myself of is that in order to start something new, something must come to an end. For example, in order to experience a brand new, baby day we must experience the night at the end of the previous day. Light, darkness, light again. All beginnings are the result of an ending. Some endings we embrace while others we struggle with and wish to avoid

Courage to love...

Last week I talked about the importance of liking yourself. Today I want to talk about courage. It takes courage to step out of our comfort zone. Sometimes it even takes courage to like ourselves and to live the life that we want. E.E. Cummings said it beautifully, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” Who are we? It takes courage as we begin to figure it out and then take the action steps to become that which is calling to us. Sometimes a major life event occurs and that is the catalyst to beginning this journey. Sometimes we hear a quote or listen to a talk or a song and begin to feel the call. Sometimes it comes through spiritual practice such as meditation, p

I like ME

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are” ― Kurt Cobain I had the joy of celebrating my 49th birthday last week. I also found myself thinking about the spiritual practice of self-love recently. What I realized is that I think it is important to take a different perspective. What if we liked ourselves more? Do you think it would lead to increased self-love? Or what I believe about myself is that I love myself but I don’t always like me. I wonder what shifts we might experience if we practice self-like more often? Maybe our self-compassion would grow and evolve allowing us to then practice compassion in the world? As I was reflecting on this statement “I like ME” I realized

Answering the Call of Transformation

“Do what makes you happy” I saw this saying on a shirt and had to buy it because it was a reminder of something that I often forget. The start of a new year is often an opportunity to make changes in how we approach life, our choices, and our priorities. As we spend time reflecting on what brings us joy, I believe we have an opportunity to discover something within us that we might not have known about or even realized was there. I have discovered a passion for self-exploration, compassion, curiosity and fun. What I have come to learn is that what I focus on I get to experience more of it. Have you had this experience? For example, I have decided that this year is about implementation and



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