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Who Are We?

I ask myself this question often. Who are we? I know I am me, with human feelings, human experiences, human shortcomings, and human strengths. Beyond the human part of me is the spiritual part. It is that which I can not touch yet I know is there. It is the part of me that makes me -me. The Divine within expresses through me, as me. I am Love in expression. I am Peace in expression. I am Joy in expression. I am also that which is still discovering myself. I am a work in progress, a work that is yet to be complete. I look forward to learning more of who I am as I grow, become more comfortable with me and my likes, dislikes, quirks, and the list goes on…

The Divine calls to us to experience Life – all of life, not just the “good” parts, but rather all parts. Each part guides and directs us in Love, Light, and Peace if we allow it to do so. Key word is “if”. We must be open and accepting to the Divine within to express as us. What if we looked for the good rather than the bad? What if we accepted ourselves exactly where we are and allow the rest to unfold in ease and grace, in joy and anticipation of what is too come?

Today, I invite us to answer the call – answer that which is within us wanting to express. Enter into our inner cave, commune with the Divine within, become comfortable with who are - God in expression. What if we took this opportunity to participate in life fully? Letting go of assumptions and saying yes to life? Discovering on yet another level – who are we? Blessings and namaste ~


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