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Remember Who You Are

“Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.” -Caroline Myss

I am currently teaching a very powerful class (for me) at my church. In this class we are exploring our “inner mansions” through the work of Caroline Myss and St Teresa of Avila. I am in the process of remembering who I am through studying the work of these two amazing mystics. Who am I? Who are we? We are each unique, creative beings with much to share with the world. The Light within us wants to be shared with the world. Underneath whatever challenges, struggles, or misconceptions of who we believe we are, is a greater, a deeper Truth. This Truth yearns to be discovered, uncovered, remembered, and shared with the world.

What happens when we let go of that which no longer serves us? It might be a limiting belief, a person, a relationship, a thought, a practice, anything that might have served us in the past with the results we were either looking for or needed at that time but are no longer productive or welcomed. There are reasons why there are chapters in a book, record albums have different tracks, there are “entry level” classes (i.e. Math 101, 202….), nature experiences seasons, and our lives unfold in phases. We are meant to grow, evolve, heal, inspire, and step into new experiences. What once served us may no longer do so as we evolve and grow. For those of you who know we are aware, I do a lot of work in the grieving community which is one of two places that I feel called to serve. The grieving process is not a stagnant flow nor is it a one time event. It is a process. As is remembering who we are – it is a process, a series of thoughts, experiences, events that bring us to a new understanding or perception of something.

I invite you to turn with into your consciousness, discover and remember the Light, the Love that you are. Allow it to be birthed through and as you in an even greater way. Answer the call to remembering who you are. The call gently tugs from within each of us…and only we know how to answer for ourselves….no one can do it for us or tell us how to do it….the sacred journey is unique to each of us…how exhilarating!

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