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The Gift of Christmas

Anticipation of the joy and peace of the Christmas season is what I usually feel as Christmas and what I like to call, the Season of Light approaches. This year moving into the holiday season and Christmas was filled with mixed emotions. Uncertain of what was to come, the concerns about getting together with family and friends, and for some, faith may have been challenged over the past 9 months.

No matter what the events in the physical world may imply, no matter what my human mind and emotions may be thinking or feeling, no matter what the news or social media may say- I truly believe there is Good in the world. Christmas is about the Good in the world. It is a time in which upsets and strained relationships are often put aside and a truce, albeit a temporary truce, is called, so families can spend time together. Christmas reminds us of the Light that is in the world. Christmas reminds us of the Love that is in the world. Christmas reminds of the excitement and awe that we can feel if we allow ourselves. Even though we can not see Love per se, we can see and feel what we call Love.

I was reminded of a story earlier today when a friend of mine sent me a picture of her avatar holding a gift by a tree. In her message to me she said the box was full of love. The story goes like this: a little girl is excited about wrapping the gift she has for her father. The family does not have a lot of money so boxes, wrapping paper, and all the trimming of gift wrapping are scarce. The little girl begs and begs for a box, paper, and a bow to wrap the present she has for her father. Finally, he gives in and provides the requested items. The girl is filled with joy at being able to wrap her gift for her father. Christmas morning is finally here and the little girl is bursting with excitement and joy as she knows that today is the day she gets to give her father her gift. Her father sits down next to her and carefully opens the gift. When he opens it and finds it, to the human eye, to be an empty box anger fills his entire being. He is about to say something very harsh to his daughter about wasting precious resources on an empty box when he decides to take a breath. As he is taking this breath his daughter can stand it no longer and says excitedly – “I filled the box with my love for you before I wrapped it. I hope you can feel it and take it with you when you go to work or are away from me.” The father hugs his daughter as tears stream down his face. He is so grateful for the reminder that Love is the most important gift. Love can not be seen but it can and is felt. It is felt with the heart. May our hearts remain open to feel the Love all around us and within us. May we continue to love one another in words, thoughts, and actions.

Light in the midst of winter is scarce at times. The nights are longer than the days. There are times when we wonder if the light will re-appear. How many times have we felt that in life? Will the Light return? Feelings of love and/or belonging may challenge our heart and mind. Will I always feel sad, anxious, or undeserving of Love? The Light is a representation of the Divine within us. The Light is the Truth of who we are. Light may feel as if it has gone out or is about to go out. Many times in my life when I find myself feeling this way I have encountered someone (many times they were a stranger whom I refer to as angels on Earth) who took the time to reflect their Light back to me- through a kind word, a story, a hug, an act of service, something that reminded of the Truth that I was temporarily forgetting. When we can be there for a friend, a stranger, a family member, a colleague, anyone and remind them of the Light and Love that they are we are sharing the gift of the Christmas – even if it is in July or some other month.

There is Good in the world. I firmly believe this. This Good starts and ends with me…and you. To find the good we must sometimes bring it with us and be it. I invite you to turn within, do some soul searching, and discover (or re-discover) the Beauty, Joy, Light, Love that you are. This way when someone gives you what looks to be an empty box – may you remember that it is filled with something completely invisible but the most Powerful thing there is – Love.


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