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Spiritual Cataracts

“Either life is holy with meaning, or life doesn't mean a damn thing. You pay your money and you take your choice. Only never take your choice too easily, of course. Never assume that because you have taken it one way today, you may not take it another way tomorrow.” - Frederick Buechner

Sometimes life gets interesting, messy, confusing, or uncertain. What happens when we begin to feel this way? Do we look for something tangible to answer our fears? Do we look for someone else to answer our questions or tell us the(ir) answers? I believe many of us do – me included. It can be hard to remember that we have our own answers within us. It can be difficult to find the courage to stop in the midst of fear and realize that we can do it differently. We have choices. We can decide to continue on the path we have been on or we can decide to take the proverbial fork in road and do it differently.

I like to think that life is always evolving and sometimes we lose track of where we are going or we get tired and begin to things maybe not as they are. According to the internet, a cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision. I wonder how many of us experience spiritual cataracts? Moments of confusion, exhaustion, or self-doubt can cause spiritual cataracts. If we are able to remove the film over our eyes, or in other words, see the Spiritual Truth of a situation, feeling, or experience we have the opportunity to do it differently if we so choose. Buechner’s quote above says it so beautifully. We have choices in life, when we find ourselves looking at the world or a specific situation through a spiritual cataract that is affecting our view of life, shift. Shift your thoughts, do whatever spiritual practice calls to you, and step into a new life. Empower yourself to know that you are more than your spiritual cataracts, more than whatever faults you feel you have. Each of us is a gift. Even in the murkiness of life sometimes, I believe life is holy and has meaning…go within and listen…this is where we connect with the Presence within. This is where I feel Love, Joy, and Grace and then reflect it back out into my world with those I love as well as strangers that I have yet to meet.

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