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A Deeper Sense of Spirituality

Today is St Patrick’s Day. In doing some research on this holiday I found that I was even more drawn to Celtic Spirituality. I found out that St Patrick’s Day is more than green beer, parades, and corned beef and cabbage. It is about re-discovering God. St Patrick was initially from the area that we now know as Wales. He was kidnapped by pirates and sold as a slave in Ireland. He lived among the Irish people for 6 years before escaping back to England. He had fallen in love with the Irish people when he was there and eventually returned to Ireland because he felt called there by the people. By then he had become a priest and his mission was to convert as many of the Celts to Christianity as he could. It was believed that he was able to convert as many as he did because he used Celtic symbolism as an avenue in which he described similarities between the 2 faith traditions. For example he used the shamrock as a way to explain the Trinity.

In Celtic Spirituality, focus is primarily on nature and symbolism. There are 4 main pillars to Celtic Spirituality – pilgrimage, recognition that God is everywhere, monasticism and community, and art and symbolism. For today’s blog I want to focus on the belief of the Divine Presence everywhere. I believe that God is all there is and in, through, and as all life. This means that I feel and sense God when I look into a loved one or even a stranger’s eyes. I have the choice to see the Divine reflected in every experience, in every relationship, and in every interaction. There are times my humanness disallows me to see this Divine spark. In those moments I try to remember that I have a choice. Sometimes I remember this Truth long after the encounter. In those moments I have the opportunity to practice forgiveness.

When love is awakened from within, we reflect that Love out into the world. We must first though, remember to focus our love within. We must not only love ourselves, we must also like ourselves. When we can do both of these then we can share our love with the world. When we reflect our Love out into the world, I believe that we are also reflecting our Light. The Light, the Love within us is the Divine. As I allow my inner Love and Light to shine I encourage others to do the same. What an amazing world we would experience if we looked for the Love within each other and came from that space. We have the invitation to begin anew. Will we accept the invitation and step boldly in a new direction…a deeper sense of the Divine…one anchored in Love and Light? For me, the answer is a sound YES!

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