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Get Off The Curb!

It has been a while since my last blog post. Life got in the way and in some instances, I think truthfully, I got in my own way. Emerson said “Let us take our bloated nothingness out of the path of the divine circuits.” For me, I interpret this quote as the importance of moving out of my own human way to allow the Divine to express in, through, and as me.

Life is always happening around and as us. I don’t believe life happens to us. Life sometimes unfolds in ways that we expect and don’t expect. I find it easy to become complacent

. Life becomes safe, life becomes routine. I wonder though, is it really safe? Is it really what I want to experience or am I choosing to live a life that is not what I want to live? Regardless of what is unfolding in my life I always have the choice as to how to respond. I sometimes feel like a broken record and yet I also find myself having to remind myself of this truth often because I forget. I have choices as how to respond to life events, my own experiences, and things that I find uncomfortable. Life is not always easy. Life is full of twists with good and bad times. Life means making difficult decisions or having to let go of something that you really, really wanted but it isn’t in your highest and best good. Life is sometimes about surrendering to a Higher Idea and attempting to do it with Grace.

Recently I heard the saying “get off the curb”. After a conversation with the person who said this I had a better understanding of what was meant by this comment. She was talking about stepping into life. Staying on the curb watching the world go by is a safe space to be and yet a lonely place to be as well. I love Life and I know Life loves me AND I sometimes struggle with finding the courage within me to step into Life. I waver, I find excuses to not do what I feel called to do and who I want to be and become. I am blessed with many friends who are encouraging and challenge me to step into the Life that I am meant to experience. All of the encouragement in the world will only work if I say yes and do the action steps that are needed in order for me to experience the life that I want and choose. The saying is true…”If it’s meant to be it’s up to me”.

Life is a journey. When I choose to step off the curb and onto the path of Life, Life begins to unfold in amazing ways! While I do get nervous I am also filled with anticipation of what is next…

A big thank you to everyone who have and are reading my blogs. It is greatly appreciated!

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