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Following our Passion

February is the month of love. Love is unique to each of us and yet universal. Love is that feeling that can be fleeting but also something that we crave and seek out whenever the opportunity presents itself. Have you found yourself seeking out moments of love? I believe that sometimes we have to make the choice to search out and be receptive to love. Love is more than romantic love. Love is how we approach our work, interact with our friends and family, and even strangers we meet throughout our day. Love is also how we treat ourselves. Are we loving and compassionate with ourselves? Maybe we forget to treat ourselves the way we might treat others?

Sometimes we fear success and fear failure at the same time. I wonder which we fear more? Wayne Dyer says, “Passion is a feeling that tells you: this is the right thing to do. Nothing can stand in my way. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says. This feeling is so good that it cannot be ignored. I’m going to follow my bliss and act upon this glorious sensation of joy.”

Are you listening to the passion that is calling you? Are you finding the space within you to be open to love? Romantic love, following your passion in work, or in some other avenue? I encourage you to do so. Spend some time re-imaging your life, the life that is calling to you, then take the action steps to co-create this life. Dive in and enjoy! We are meant to enjoy life and all that it brings. Life is not a dress rehearsal so why do we treat it as if it is so often? May we remember the present moment and make choices that reflect what we want to experience rather than what we fear.

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