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Divine Discontent

“Grief does not change you. It reveals you.” – John Green

Earlier today I found myself to be out of sorts. I thought maybe it was the time change. Then I thought it might have been because I hadn’t had time to center myself before church this morning. I decided to go within and “check in” with myself. What I heard is that I was feeling discontent. Contentment means to feel satisfied and happy. After a quick check in I realized I was feeling happy but not satisfied. I am not quite sure what I need to do to feel satisfied or what I am feeling unsatisfied about and I know that I will figure it out in time. I will turn to my spiritual practices, listen to the Divine within, and allow the Divine to gently guide me through this experience.

Grief is an experience I believe we all may go through when there is a shift or a perceived shift. Something within us is revealed. Something that we may have never even realized was there. When I am feeling out of sorts that is usually an indication that something within me is “percolating” or getting ready to emerge. I used to get anxious and nervous and now I have changed my response to one of accepting and even excitement. I don’t like feeling out of sorts, I get cranky, I may come across unintentionally cross or not being fully present which bothers me. I have learned though, that this is part of the Divine Idea in my life. If I never feel the Divine Discontent I’m inclined to never want to move or shift, grow and evolve. Something is stirring within me and I am excited to discover what that is. It’s that time of year – Lent, Spring, new beginnings, dreams (seeds) being planted and ready to blossom in Divine Timing. I will speak more on the topic of Lent in my next blog.

I invite you to think about this question – what is brewing within you? What do you want to experience as we enter into Spring?

Blessings and Namaste,

Rev Donna

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