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Fall and Gratitude

by Donna Baranyay, CT

This time of year is a sacred time. It is a time in the natural cycle in the seasons that represents letting go. Spiritually fall represents an opportunity to release and let go of that which no longer serves. The Divine is always wanting to express Itself through and as us. When I take the time to listen to that still small voice within, I hear guidance, I hear Wisdom, and I hear Clarity. Letting go is not always an easy process. Often we may feel uncomfortable in the moment. But I would challenge us to consider that maybe we would feel uncomfortable anyway. Even if we choose not to make a change, we may feel uncomfortable or unsettled in our world and our life. Allowing ourselves to turn within in the quiet and listen to the still small voice with an open mind and an open heart I wonder if we would hear that still small voice encouraging us to step in to that which is new.

Ernest Holmes said, “There's a Power greater than us in the Universe and we can use It”. Do we use it? Are we willing to lead a prayerful life not only in word but in action? Emerson said, “God enters by a private door into every individual.” What is that private door in your life? Including gratitude as part of our spiritual practice is a gift that we give ourselves. It is a gift that encourages us to focus on that which is working in our life, that which is in alignment with the Higher Idea that is wanting to express through and as you.

New Thought teaches us the power of empowerment, that the Divine dwells with us. Gratitude is a gift that encourages us to focus on what is working in our life. What no longer serves us now may have served us well in the past. What if we choose to give thanks for the time that it did serve us and then release it? Then we can embrace that which does serve us, to allow ourselves to have that new opportunity to step into a greater yet to be. In this space we can embrace a new experience. Gratitude opens the door to having more love, more joy, more abundance on all levels including financial, and more peace. Each of us are blessed and are blessings in our world. Thank you for the gift of you in our world.


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